Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion

Most people are shocked at how effective nutrients are at stopping this condition

Are there any natural treatments for the symptoms of heat exhaustion that actually work?

The answer to this question is yes there are, and while they may be well known, the actual sources are very often overlooked.

There is also one very challenging aspect about this condition; the symptoms can occur very suddenly, or they can lay in wait and not attack you for several days.

Sports drinks such as coconut water and Gatorade can also be very effective.

However the key to controlling this potentially very dangerous condition is to stop it as well as the symptoms before they have a chance to attack you.


In fully understanding which natural treatments for the symptoms of heat exhaustion can help you, it is very helpful to understand exactly what this condition is and how very dangerous it can become.

It also helps to know the actual symptoms and causes, as well as which nutrients work and why they work.

There are three heat related syndromes that can attack you in very hot weather; heat cramps, heat exhaustion, as well as heat strokes.

In the vast majority of cases, heat cramps can very easily be treated with electrolytes such as coconut water or Gatorade, but if they are not treated, it leads to the next stage, heat exhaustion.

If this form is not treated or prevented, it leads to the final form, heat stroke, which is a life threatening emergency situation.

When everything is normal, the heat in your body is regulated by what is referred to as your core temperature, which is your internal temperature gauge.

Your body regulates this temperature from any environmental changes by cooling itself in severe heat, and warming itself in extreme cold to maintain its normal range at approximately 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius.

In severe heat it preforms this function by cooling itself by sweating, which in turn, cools and regulates your internal core temperature.

However, if something goes wrong, heat cramps will begin to develop and then very quickly be followed by heat exhaustion.

Once this occurs, the symptoms will begin to appear as the result of this overheating but there is something that most people do not realize with this condition.

How these symptoms of heat exhaustion can occur.

In most case they will appear very suddenly when your core temperature is compromised, but they can also remain silent for several days before they attack.


In further understanding which natural treatments for the symptoms of heat exhaustion can help, it is extremely important to understand the symptoms or signs and this list is quite extensive.

The first of the symptoms of heat exhaustion will surface in your skin, where you will begin to see and well as feel two things; cool and moist skin that will also have goose bump like signs.

Although this cool and moist skin may look and feel normal to you, these goose bump type appearances are anything but normal.

Once they do occur, the next signs that will surface are very heavy sweating episodes, the feeling of dizziness and faintness, as well as a very sudden onset of fatigue.

However, this fatigue will not only make you very tired, it will also feel like you have literally no strength left.

As if these signs are not bad enough, the next symptoms of heat exhaustion will begin to develop.

They will include a weak but very rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure when you try to rise or stand up, as well as muscle cramps, nausea, and a very strong headache.

Heat exhaustionThe symptoms of heat exhaustion can be treated by three key minerals

Although these symptoms can attack you several days after the fact, when they do attack, they will in most cases hit you all very suddenly.

If they attack you suddenly while you are in the heat, immediately find a cool place to escape, drink plenty of fluids, and stop and rest.

If they do not go away within one hour, you need to seek immediate medical attention as you may be on the cusp of developing heat stroke.


Natural treatments for the symptoms of heat exhaustion continue with some other potential causes and leading this list is dehydration.

One of the quickest ways to develop this very dangerous condition is to not drink enough of the right fluids.

They include water, orange juice, and other natural fruit drinks, as it is these fluids that help to keep your body regulating your temperature properly.

However, the key term in this equation is “proper fluids” as the next potential risk factor is alcohol consumption.

Alcohol consumption in extreme heat not only helps to expedite the loss of electrolytes, but other nutrients as well.

This is where the connection between natural treatments for the symptoms of heat exhaustion begins to formulate.

There are also certain risk factors that can increase your chances of developing this condition and they include your age, certain medications, as well as your weight.

If you are a young child 4 years old or younger, or older than 65 years old, you are at a much higher degree of risk.

Certain medications used to treat high blood pressure, heart problems, as well as allergy medications also place you in a higher risk group, as do most all illegal drugs.

Being overweight is also a real challenge with this condition.


When you sweat, you naturally lose certain vitamins and minerals, and if you sweat excessively, these nutrients are rapidly depleted.

Most everyone is familiar with the term electrolytes and understands that you can find them in coconut water as well as sports drinks such as Gatorade.

However most people do not realize that they are minerals.

Electrolytes are absolutely critical as they maintain the fluid levels in your body, which in turn keeps all of your muscles working properly, including your heart.

For this reason, there are four minerals that must be replaced as quickly as they are deleted to prevent the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Or you can supplement them on a regular basis, and build them to their full operating capacity.

Once this is done, it will help your internal temperature control mechanisms to become so strong that this condition may never affect you.

The minerals that are critical in this process are sodium, potassium, magnesium, as well as calcium.

It is a very well-known fact that if you suffer from leg cramps, eating a banana will immediately help these cramps because of their very high potassium levels.

However, image the benefits your body will have if you back this food source up, as well as leafy green vegetables and dairy products that are high in calcium, not as a reactive measure, but instead as a proactive measure.

If you work in extreme heat for a living, do a lot of yard work in hot climates, or suddenly experience an extreme heat wave, by supplementing these key minerals that make up electrolytes, you may never experience this condition.

There is however, one vitamin that is also very helpful in this fight, vitamin C.


There is mounting evidence that vitamin C can also help as ascorbic acid may also prevent this condition from ever occurring.

As with all nutrients, it is always best to get them from natural sources, but if you cannot on a regular basis, you can easily supplement them in liquid supplement forms.

If you have not tested these natural treatments for the symptoms of heat exhaustion, maybe it is time you did, as you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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