Symptoms of Mild Autism

Most people are shocked when they find out the possible connection between Autism and Vitamin B-6

Are there any natural or alternative treatments for the symptoms of mild autism that actually work?

Although it is well documented that there is still no known cure for this very challenging disorder, there is a growing consensus in the medical community that there are some very effective alternative treatments.

However, despite these natural forms of treatments there is also one other very challenging aspect about this disorder; the number of children diagnosed with it seems to be dramatically rising.

For this reason, treating the symptoms of mild autism as early as you can will accomplish two things; help to control it as well as to help keep it mild.


In fully understanding how you can identify the early symptoms of mild autism, it is extremely important to understand exactly what it is and what may be the underlying cause.

It then helps to know exactly what natural treatments may help as well as why they help.

Autism is not a disease, instead it is a grouping of developmental problems that begin to appear in the very important formative years of children.

In the vast majority of cases they will begin to surface before your child reaches their third birthday.

The actual symptoms of ASD, autism spectrum disorders, can vary tremendously from very mild to quite severe.

However if you can catch it in the beginning stages, you have a very good chance of controlling it and keeping it mild.


Autism spectrum disordersIt can affect your child in three different ways

The symptoms of mild autism will appear in your child in three key area of their development.

They include social sills, interactions with others, as well as behavioral and language skills. What makes ASD so challenging is that no one case is ever the same.

However, it does seem to have a common denominator in the vast majority of cases, as communication and interactive skills will become challenged.

The more severe it is, the more challenged these skills will become.

It is for this reason alone that the natural treatments for the symptoms of mild autism are so critical in helping you at least control this potential beast.

You can identify when your child’s social skills are being challenged by ASD very early if they begin to fail to respond to their name when you call them.

They may also begin to avoid any type of direct eye contact, as well as begin to ignore you when you call them.

However, there are other symptoms of mild autism you can also watch for.

They include a sudden resistance to being held or hugged, wanting to play alone and avoid contact with other children, as well as ignoring other people’s feelings including yours.

The language skill symptoms will include not talking until the age of two years old, losing the ability to recall recently learned words or phrases, as well as also avoiding eye contact when they ask for something.


In fact, this is perhaps the most important of all the symptoms of mild autism that will help you identify this disorder very early.

Other language warning signs will include speaking in a sudden abnormal rhythm that almost emulates a robot, failure to keep up any kind of conversation, as well as beginning to repeat words or phrases.

This is also very important in identifying this disorder early for one key reason; when your child begins to repeat words ask them what the word means.

If they do not remember, you have just identified another of the key early symptoms of mild autism.

The behavior symptoms will include repetitive movements such as spinning or rocking in place, as well as clapping their hands for extended periods of time for no reason.

Developing a routine for daily activities for an adult is quite normal, but for a small child it is anything but normal and this is another warning sign as well as becoming irritated when this routine is interrupted.

Moving constantly, fascination with some objects, as well as sensitivity to sounds, light or touch with no sense of pain is another alarming set of symptoms.


Mild autismThe symptoms of mild autism can be helped by 3 key nutrients

The symptoms are also very challenging for other reason; there is no single known cause although there are some theories.

The first theory is that genetics may play role with the development of your child’s brain cells, as well as environmental factors.

There is current research that is testing to see if viral infections as well as air pollutants such as second hand smoke may trigger this disorder.

However, perhaps the single largest controversy with this disorder is if vaccinations trigger it, especially the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination.

According to the Mayo Clinic, they strongly suggest that there is absolutely no reliable research that supports this theory.

This includes the theory that was published in 1998 which was later retracted due to the lack of reliable evidence to support this claim.

If anyone suggests to you otherwise, challenge them for the documentation and the facts.


Since autism has no known cure, several medical communities including the Mayo Clinic help parents to seek natural treatments for the symptoms of mild autism.

They will center on special diets as well as three key nutrients; Vitamins C, B-6, and A.

Vitamin C is well known for its anti-oxidant properties.

Several medical professionals as well as the Research Autism website believe that a deficiency of this key nutrient can have huge effects on communication skills as well as social interactions.

There are also ongoing medical studies in several places including the University of Maryland Medical Center that are conducting research to test this theory.

Vitamin B-6 is also believed to help with then symptoms of mild autism as assists to convert carbohydrates into energy, but it is also the major nutrient in creating neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are critical in carrying your brain impulses between the cells in your body, and if they are not properly feed by this nutrient, this process can easily be compromised.

Once this occurs, it can very easily trigger all of the early warning signs associated with this disorder.

There are also several medical experts that strongly suggest that the full benefits of vitamin B-6 can only occur if they are enhanced by the mineral magnesium.

All of these nutrients can be found in a top brand toddler liquid vitamin.

The final of the key nutrients for fighting autism is Vitamin A, which is perhaps best known as the eye vitamin.

This nutrient is critical in your child’s formative years as it will help improve their vision and eye contact, but it also improves the effectiveness of what is referred to as the “G” proteins. 

The “G” proteins are compounds that are found in the human body that help the brains overall ability to sense as well as interpret all types of sensory stimuli.

This is critical in helping your child’s challenges of touching something hot for example, and not reacting to it.


The natural treatments for the symptoms of mild autism also includes your child’s diet and restricting probiotics, most all forms of yeast, as well as gluten.

Although there is no known cure for this very challenging disorder, there is mounting evidence that you can help control it with these nutrients, but the key is to catch it early and keep it mild.

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