Symptoms of Polymyositis

Can all be treated with several nutrients including one very powerful herb

Are there any natural forms of treatment that can help with the symptoms of Polymyositis, or are corticosteroids the only effective way of treating this very mysterious muscle disease?

Although to this date there is still no known cure as well as no known cause of it, there is emerging evidence that there are some alternative treatments.

They nay not be able to cure this disease but they may help you at least control some of the symptoms.

However, it must be made very clear that by no means are any of these treatments a replacement for the conventional treatments.

Instead, they very strong compliments to help you control some of the more challenging symptoms of this beast.


If you do not suffer from this condition, there is a very good chance that you have never heard of it for one simple reason.

It is only one of three diseases that are classified as a chronic inflammatory myopathy disease.

In fully understanding what forms of natural treatments may help you control the symptoms of Polymyositis, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is and the suggested causes of it.

It also helps to understand the symptoms and the associated conditions, as well as the \natural treatments that may help and why they help.

Polymyositis is most often described as a persistent muscle disease that begins to cause a weakening of your skeletal muscles that control most all of your basic movements.

Not only is it considered to be severe, in some cases if it is not controlled, it can be life threatening and there are only two other diseases in this same classification.

They include dermatomyositis and inclusion body myositis, which is also referred to as IBM.

Although this beast of a disease can attack anyone at any age, it is much more common in men then it is in women.

it also seems to attack black males at a much higher degree than white males and it seems to attack between the ages of 35-50 years old.

There is also some other very challenging facts about this disease; there is no known cure as well as no known cause.

However, what is known is that it shares several traits with other autoimmune disorders which are situations where your own body’s immune system is attacking itself.

With this particular disease, what is happening is that for some reason it seems to trigger your immune system to begin to produce autoimmune antibodies as a much higher rate.

Autoimmune antibodies, also known as auto-antibodies, appear to have one major job when they are triggered by this disease, and that is to attack your body’s tissues.

It is also known that in the vast majority of people with this disease, that there are indeed higher than normal levels of these auto-antibodies present in the bloodstream.


The next step in identify which natural treatments may help you fight this disease is to understand the symptoms of Polymyositis as well as the associated conditions it can affect.

It must also be pointed out that in most any type of disease or disorder, you will go through what is referred as remission periods

This is where the symptoms that are attacking you will recede or even disappear, but with this beast this is extremely rare.

However, with the proper conventional medications and in adding some natural treatments, you may be able to improve your muscle strength as well as most of your regular muscle functions in preparing for this war.

The list of the symptoms of Polymyositis begins with what is referred to as dysphagia, which is a situation where your esophagus muscles have been affected, and as a result, you will have a difficult time in swallowing.

This can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to a rapid weight loss and more importantly, a loss of several key nutrients, and this is where the natural treatments begin to emerge.

The next symptom is aspiration pneumonia because of this difficulty in swallowing where you may begin to breathe in food or liquids as well as your own saliva into your lungs.

This can very easily lead to a full blown case of pneumonia.

Breathing problems are also symptoms of Polymyositis as your chest muscles become affected and you well begin to experience a shortness of breath.

However, if this beast is severe enough and you ignore it, it could also lead to respiratory failure.

Calcium deposits are also possible symptoms especially late in the disease, as small amounts of calcium can begin to occur not only in your muscles, but your skin and connective tissues as well.

Although these are the most common of the symptoms of Polymyositis, there are also other conditions that can become much worse as this disease grows in your body.

This includes Raynaud’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and Sjogrens syndrome, as well as any type of cardiovascular or lung disease.


PolymyositisThe symptoms of Polymyositis can be helped by two key Vitamins and a powerful herb

It must be restated again, that any form of natural treatment for the symptoms of Polymyositis should not be used exclusively.

They should only be utilized with conventional treatments such as corticosteroids or comparative immunosuppressive agents.

This list begins with an herb that has been used for centuries to fight autoimmune disease; Reishi.

This herb comes from a tree fungus, in this case a mushroom.

It has been used in China and India as treatments for this form of attack on your immune system as it has very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also believed to have huge impacts on protecting your immune system; however, there is still no real proof that it strengthens it.

However, what can strengthen it is some of the following natural treatments as there is also emerging evidence that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids when combined with vitamin E and green tea may slow down the progress of this beast.

These facts were referenced in an article written by Dr. Ray Sahelian entitled “Autoimmune Disease Alternative Therapy”.

The Office of Dietary Supplements also suggests that vitamin E has extremely powerful antioxidant qualities.

It has shown to be very successful in fighting rheumatoid arthritis as well as Lupus, which are very similar to Polymyositis in nature.

The national Lupus Foundation also agrees with Dr. Ray Sahelian on omega-3 and 6 as treatments, but added in vitamins A and D as well.

Vitamin D is best known for what it does for your bones, but it is also rapidly emerging as a immune system powerhouse for several reasons.

It has been documented to help Lupus patients rapidly control the fight against this autoimmune disease as backed up by a report in the Journal "Current Opinion in Rheumatology" in September 2008.

This was also backed in an article in the July 2011 New York Times News, especially when combined with Vitamin A.


These natural treatments for the symptoms of Polymyositis should never, under any circumstances, be substituted for conventional treatments for this very dangerous disease.

However they are certainly worth a try to compliment them.

If you have this beast of a disease and have given up hope, you may be shocked and how effective they may be in controlling your symptoms as they may bring back your hope of enjoying a normal life.

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