Tendinitis Cure and Vitamins

Is a gradual inflammation and if you can stop it you have won the battle

There are several connections between a potential tendinitis cure and vitamins, and if you suffer from this very painful condition and have tried conventional treatments, maybe it is time you add these nutrients to your diet.

In the vast majority of cases, if you can find the right mixture of nutrients, as well as some very simple home remedies, you can very easily control the symptoms of this condition.

However, if you cannot, and it leads to what is referred to as a tendon rupture, you will need to have it surgically repaired.

For this reason alone, the more you can build your system up naturally and not have to rely on pain medications as the major form of treatment, the better chances you have of preventing this from ever occurring.


In fully understanding the connections between a tendinitis cure and vitamins, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is and the symptoms to watch for.

It also helps to know the risk factors as well as exactly what nutrients can help you, as well as why they help.

Tendinitis is best described as a condition in which there is a gradual inflammation, or in some cases, an irritation of one or more of your tendons.

Your tendons are very thick fibrous cords that attach your muscles to your bones, and you have several of them that can very easily become affected by this condition.

When the pain begins to surface, it will cause a tenderness that will be located just slightly outside of the affected joint.

This tenderness and pain can affect anyone of these cords anywhere in your body, but they are most likely to affect the areas that are around your shoulders, elbows, wrists, as well as your heels.

Although tendinitis is the most common name given to this painful condition, it is often referred to by several other names including tennis or golf elbow, as well as pitchers or swimmers shoulder.

It is also referred to a jumper’s knee if it affects the tendons around your knee.


In further connecting a tendinitis cure and vitamins, it is also helpful to know the symptoms to watch for as well as the risk factors that can trigger it.

Unlike several different conditions or disorders that can affect your body, this one has a very short list of symptoms that will alert you that it is developing.

Although this condition can suddenly appear as the result of a slight injury of some kind, in the vast majority of cases, it is the result of repetitive moves over a long period of time.

There are basically three symptoms that will begin to surface with this condition; pain, tenderness, as well as mild swelling.

The pain is usually not abrupt or severe, instead, it is most often described as a very dull pain that is quite persistent and can become very uncomfortable.

The tenderness will accompany the pain but will be slightly different than a tenderness most often associated with touch, as this particular form will occur by simply moving the affected tendons during any type of exertion.

However, it may also occur while you are resting.

The swelling may be very noticeable in some cases, but it may also be so slight that it is hard to actually detect.

However, all three of these symptoms will have one very common theme; to you they are very real and quite uncomfortable.

The first of the risk factors will involve age for one very basic reason.

You and your tendons are just not as flexible as they once were, especially if you no not nourish them properly, which is where the connections between a potential tendinitis cure and vitamins begins.

Repetitious movements are the next most common risk factor but right behind this will be any type of an awkward position as well as a sudden forceful exertion that you are not used to.

This as well as frequent reaching over your head which are using tendons that you very seldom use can also trigger it. 

You have heard your entire life that if you are going to exercise, you need to stretch and limber up your muscles first, and it is no different if you work in an environment that may place you in awkward positions.

However, sports of several types are also potential risk factors, especially if your body is not feed properly and you do not stretch and take precautions.

The most common sports that can result in tendinitis include baseball, basketball, as well as golf, but also include jogging or running, swimming and tennis.

However, other sports such as bowling can also very easily trigger this condition.

TendinitisAny natural tendinitis cure must include Vitamin B 6

There is also a very well know acronym that describes how to treat this condition; P.R.I.C.E.

This stands for protection, rest, ice, compression, as well as elevation, but it leads something very important out.

Food or nutrients not only to help with the symptoms, but also to possibly protect you from ever developing this condition.


The connection between a potential tendinitis cure and vitamins begins with pyridoxine, which is best known as vitamin B-6.

This nutrient is considered by several medical experts as important to your body as water and oxygen is, as it is essential in several biological processes including protein and fat metabolism.

However it is also absolutely critical in the creation of neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in your body that allow your brain cells to communicate with each other.

Without these chemicals, your brain cannot send messages to your immune system that it needs help in certain areas.

It is this transmission of signals that can prevent both the swelling and elasticity that is not only found in carpel tunnel syndrome, it is also prominent with this condition.

Next on the list of a potential tendinitis cure is vitamin E.

It is extremely effective in reducing inflammation not only in your muscles, but also your connective tissues which play a key role with this condition.

It does this by repairing your connective tissues and you can take Advil or Aleve daily for the pain associated with this condition, but they do not come close to anything this nutrient can do.

The connection between a tendinitis cure and vitamins continues with vitamin C, which preforms another critical task; it fights off the damages of free radicals in your body.

There are several viral as well as bacterial infections that will target your connective tissues if they are not fully protected.

When this nutrient is combined with vitamin A, they will also protect your ligaments and your tendons.

Free radicals have one objective when they target these areas; to steal the electrons from their cells so they can use them as a food source.

However, when your immune system is fortified by these nutrients, they will mislead the free radicals and offer themselves as the food source, which diverts the attack away from your tissues.

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are also extremely effective at preventing the symptoms of this condition.

If combined with these vitamins, your body has an excellent chance of preventing this inflammation and irritation from ever developing.


The connection between a potential tendinitis cure and vitamins is very strong, and while it is certainly not a cure for it, as there is no cure, they may be the next best thing.

The next time you take a Motrin, Aleve, or Advil to ease this pain and inflammation; perhaps you should try a natural name brand liquid multi-vitamin instead.

While these pain medications may temporarily relieve the pain, these nutrients attack it in the inter-folds of your body.


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