Thrombophlebitis Treatment

While the conventional ones are the best known there are also several effective natural ones

Thrombophlebitis treatment has several medical procedures including surgery, but there are also some natural ways that you can protect your body from this very dangerous condition.

There is, however, one very challenging aspect about this condition; you may never know that you have it especially if it is the deep vein form.


In understanding the various forms of thrombophlebitis treatment, it is very helpful to know exactly what it is.

Thrombophlebitis, which is sometimes referred to as phlebitis, is a situation where a blood clot has developed and causes swelling in one or more of your veins.

In the vast majority of cases this will occur only in your legs, but occasionally in can also affect the veins in your arms or neck area as well.

It also can come in two different forms; superficial or deep.

Although both are considered serious, the deep form is considered to be a very serious situation and can result in several very serious health problems.

The superficial form of thrombophlebitis will affect the veins near the surface of your skin, and as a result of this, you will notice them very quickly.

Once you have spotted them there are several things you can do to treat and ease the pain that they are causing.

However, if they are the deep form, referred to as DVY or deep vein thrombophlebitis you may have absolutely no idea that you have a blood clot.

The reason? They may or may not show any symptoms until other health risks begin to develop.

It is for this reason alone that if you have ever had this condition, fit into any of the risk groups, or have a family history of them, you need to take pre-emptive precautions to prevent them.

The symptoms of this condition may never surface at all, but if they do, they will be one or all of the following.

The first sign that you may have developed thrombophlebitis will be a very warm and very tender sensation at or very near the affected area of your legs, as well as redness and swelling.

ThrombophlebitisAny successful thrombophlebitis treatment should include the B class of Vitamins

If the vein that is affected is superficial or very near the surface of your skin you may see a red and very hard bump.

It will almost look like a cord of some kind, and when to touch it, it will be quite painful.

If it is the deep form, your legs may, and that is the key term, may, become swollen or quite painful when you stand or try to walk.

In rare cases a fever may also occur, a shortness of breath may develop, and you may start to cough up blood. If any of these do occur, you need to seek immediate medical attention


The further understanding the alternative forms of thrombophlebitis treatment, it is important to known the cause, which is quite simple; a blood clot.

However, what has caused this blood clot can be anything but simple.

Blood clots can be caused by anything that interferes with your blood not circulating properly such as an injury to one of your veins or by some type of a blood clotting disorder.

However, there is a misconception about blood clots and that is that they are commonly caused by sitting too long in one place without moving.

Long flights or long cars trips are often blamed for this condition and the reality is that this is the actual cause is really quite rare.

Even if this was the major cause, very simple precautions such as standing and walking during or flight or simply stopping at a rest stop and walk would easily prevent this from occurring.

More common causes would be being confined to a bed for long periods of time following an illness, a surgery, or even a broken leg.

Pancreatic cancer may also be a major cause as it releases substances into your blood that interferes with the normal clotting process.

A stroke that has partially paralyzed your arms or legs is also a potential cause, as well as pregnancy.

However, the single biggest causes are not sitting for long periods of time instead they are birth control pills, obesity, and smoking.

Birth control pills as well as any types of hormone replacement therapy may interfere with some women’s ability to properly clot blood.

Obesity is also a very high risk simply because your body is designed to carry only a specific amount of weight and when it becomes excessive, it places pressure on your legs and their veins.

Smoking does several things to your body and one of them is the contraction and tightening of your blood vessels which can also cause clots to form.

Possible Complications   

Understanding the alternative forms of thrombophlebitis treatment continues with the possible complications, especially the deep form, which can result in several other possible health problems.

The first potential complication is pulmonary embolism and this is a situation where a deep vein clot has dislodged and travels into your lungs, which is a life threatening situation.

Heart attacks and strokes are also potential risks if one of these clots separates and blocks your coronary arteries or the arteries to your brain.

Other less threatening development s includes varicose veins, swelling, a blocked vein, as well as skin discoloration.


Thrombophlebitis treatment has several conventional medical procedures including blood thinning medications, clot-dissolving medications, as well as varicose vein stripping.

However, there are also several natural methods that can be very effective as well.

The first of the natural types of thrombophlebitis treatment is with B-vitamins.

It was discovered several years ago in research that high blood levels of an amino acid referred to as homocysteine damaged the endothelial cells in your body which are the cells that line your artery walls.

Once these cells become damaged, deposits of cholesterol deposits build up very quickly which can lead to heart attacks as well as strokes.

However, something else also occurs; these same amino acids also cause reoccurring clots to form.

But there are three B vitamins; folate or folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 that can do a tremendous amount of damage to homocysteine.

Because of this, it can be very effective as a thrombophlebitis treatment.

In this case damage is good not bad as these nutrients immediately begin to break down homocysteine and even goes one step further; it clears it from your blood almost entirely.

Once it is removed, it can no longer cause blood clots that lead to thrombophlebitis.

Vitamin E is also extremely effective in fighting clots as it helps to improve your blood flow.

There is literally new forms of evidence almost daily that this vitamin also helps to block the chemical processes that lead to hardening of your arteries also known as atherosclerosis.

But like the three B vitamins, it preforms one other major role; it helps to prevent clots and is also a very effective form of thrombophlebitis treatment.

Vitamin E helps to prevent the platelets in your blood, which are involved in forming clots, from sticking together.

By preventing them from sticking to each other and the blood vessels walls, it dramatically reduces the chances of clots forming.

Other natural forms of thrombophlebitis treatment include flax-seed oil or flax-seed, as either will help to keep your veins both soft and pliable. 

Support stockings also can help especially with both forms of thrombophlebitis, but are especially effective with the deep form.


This condition can be a very uncomfortable condition but it can also turn into a life threatening situation.

However, with some very simple pre-emptive thrombophlebitis treatment steps, you may prevent it from even reaching this stage.

By supplying your body with the correct nutrients, stop smoking, and lose weight if you are heavy.

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