Treating Dark Circles

Vitamins K and A may help lay the foundation for this fight

Could treating dark circles under your eyes really be helped by two key nutrients?

If so, could this war that you have been fighting for years really be this simple?

There are so many claims, treatments, and home remedies that if someone actually found the real cause of this condition it would place most of the cosmetic companies in a lot of trouble.

It would also shut down about twenty percent of the internet advertising.

Every day there is a new and improved cure for treating dark circles but at some point you have to ask yourself this question.

If a particular product is now newer and more improved would that not mean that the original never really worked after all?

And then there are all of the causes; and yes there can be some definitive medical causes that can affect your capillaries such as smoking and drinking to much.

But in most all cases that involve these dark circles, it has absolutely nothing to do with most of your habits expect those that counter nutrients.

Circles or bags under your eyes may also be heredity, basically the same way that you may bruise very easily may be inherited.

At this point you need to ask the question is this problem related to bruising easily? The answer is a very definitive yes.


To fully understand how to really begin treating dark circles, it helps to understand what they actually are.

It’s really very simple; they are a form of oxidizing hemoglobin.

Oxidizing hemoglobin is an actual condition that is called methemoglobin, where excessive hemoglobin in the blood is converted to another chemical that cannot deliver proper oxygen to the tissues.

This problem starts in the capillaries which are very small blood vessels that surround the extremely delicate skin around your eyes.

Red blood cells must flow freely to keep these capillaries healthy, but it is very difficult at best in these delicate areas around the eyes.

To help the process your body produces enzymes to assist the red bloods cells as well as breaking down the hemoglobin in these cells.

The hemoglobin is what gives blood it distinctive red color.

You bruise when a part of your body is struck, and these same tiny vessels are damaged and start to leak, causing the bruised skin to turn a purplish color.

The same process occurs under your eyes; these tiny cells are damaged or broken.

It affects some people much differently than others, but so does bruising. And the older you get, the more easily you bruise; and as you age, the deeper they will become in most cases.

Your capillaries are damaged and they are leaking. Rubbing your eyes or irritating them is damaging these very tender vessels as well.

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest part of your body as well as the most delicate.

The capillaries in these areas are also the closest to the surface than in any other part of your body.

But this is not the only cause.

Bruising can be accelerated in our bodies by medications that interfere with this clotting process and causes more bleeding to occur in the tissues.

This may be causing your circles to remain, grow, or become darker no matter what miracle cure you use this week.

Because of this, this is where the connection between treating dark circles and nutrients begin to emerge.

Arthritis medications that are nonsterodial and anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen and include brands like Advil and Nuprin as well as naproxen medications such as Aleve, will make you bruise much easier.

Warfarin, a prescribed medication to prevent clotting can lead to excessive bruising as well as the dark and bagging eyes.


Dark under eye circlesTreating dark circles involves several key nutrients

The next time you buy any type of "cure or a remedy" look at the main ingredient.

It will almost always be Vitamin K.

Vitamin K has long been used to promote blood clotting and to prevent bleeding. As a cream form it has also demonstrated to extremely effective at reducing bruises very quickly.

But it has other very important function such as strengthening the blood vessel walls as well as the capillaries.

Because of this important fact, it is perhaps the most important nutrient you can use in treating dark circles.

Vitamin A is also very effective at both maintaining as well as repairing tissue that surrounds your eyes, making it the next nutrient effective in treating dark circles. 

It also helps to prevent skin thinning and remember that the thinnest part of your skin is around your eyes.

It also is a very powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against both infections as well as aging.


Vitamin C is the next nutrient you can use for treating dark circles as it increases collagen which is the fibrous protein that helps the constituent of your bones, tendons, and connective tissues.

All of these are especially important to these very tender areas around the eyes.

It also assists in removing free radicals from the skin. A form of Vitamin C called L-ascorbic acid combined with Vitamin K in tropical creams is very effective at reducing the bruising affects under your eyes.

Vitamin E helps to regulate vitamin A as well as protecting against free radicals, making it yet another nutrient you can use for treating dark circles.

It also protects your skin against ultra-violet light and pollutants; and both of these can and do damage the capillaries under your eyes.

And finally, the mineral Iron helps with combating this challenging condition as a deficiency of iron can cause pale skin which in turn magnifies the circles as well as the veins in these tender vessels.

The adage you are what you eat or what you supplement with could not be any truer when it comes to this area of your body that is so vulnerable and so exposed.

Every ones skin is different and we will all be affected differently as we age. 


But take the challenge for yourself.

Almost any product on the market that is the next cure for this condition will have these essential vitamins in them.

The reason is that they do exactly what they say they do making them a must in your arsenal for treating dark circles.

The next time you take an Advil or an Aleve ask yourself the question; can I offset the potential bruising ingredient with vitamin supplements.

You are what you eat or ingest, and so are your eyes.

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