Treating Lupus Naturally

Natural treatments can be successful if you use certain nutrients

Treating Lupus naturally may be successful if you use the correct nutrients.

However it is important to remember it was not that long ago that is you developed this dangerous condition your chances of surviving were considered to be grim at best.

However, that has all changed, as it has become much better understood and there are several very effective medical treatments as well as some natural treatments that are now being used to fight it.

To complicate this disease even further, there are four different version of it and no two cases are ever alike.


In exploring how to treat Lupus naturally, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is.

This disease is a chronic inflammatory disease where your body’s own immune system attacks itself and in this attack the targets are your tissues as well as your organs.

This inflammation can affect several parts of your body including your skin, joints, blood cells, kidneys, as well as your heart and lungs.

Until this disease was fully understood, your chances of surviving it were not very good.

But all this has changed in the last several years especially with the medical community finally acknowledging that treating lupus naturally may be an option.

Once it is properly diagnosed and treated, you can live a very normal life but your biggest challenge will to manage what is referred to as flare-ups.

However, it is still a very challenging disease in that no two cases ever seem to be the same.

The symptoms of this disease can hit you very suddenly or they can do just the opposite and develop very slowly.

They can also be very mild or extremely severe, and they can go away just as quickly as they appear.

Once you do develop this disease and it is being treated, you may still have mild episodes that are referred to as flare-ups where the symptoms will suddenly get worse, improve, and then may totally disappear.

It is in this stage that natural treatments may be the most effective.


Understanding how treating lupus naturally may help you starts with the symptoms, which will all depend on which part of your body your immune system has attacked.

However there are several symptoms that seem to be quite common with this disease.

Fatigue and fevers are two of the most common symptoms, as well as weight loss or weight gains in some cases.

Joint pains are also very common with most forms of this disease, and as a result, your joints may swell and become quite stiff.

Malar rashes, often referred to as Lupus face rash are also very common.

When this does occur, it will be very easy to identify them as they will closely resemble the shape of a butterfly and will affect your cheeks as well as the bridge of your nose.

Skin lesions will also appear in most cases, and it is believed that these lesions are caused by direct exposure to sunlight.

Mouth sores, shortness of breath, as well as chest pains may also occur, as well as what is referred to as alopecia or hair loss.

In some cases you may also develop what is referred to as Raynaud’s disease which affects both your fingers as well as your toes.

When this disease attacks, it causes both of these areas to turn white or blue when exposed to even mildly cold temperatures.

Dry eyes, easy bruising, memory loss, and anxiety are also common symptoms.

LupusTreating lupus naturally must include antioxidents


Fully understanding lupus causes is almost impossible, as it is an autoimmune disease.

Because of this, there is still not a clear understanding exactly what they are.

However, what is understood is that when your immune system is triggered to attack bacterial and viral invasions, for some reason it also will attack the healthy tissues in your body.

Once the inflammation begins, and it is believed to be an inherited disease but this does not explain why it attacks women much more frequently than men.

It also seems to attacks Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics much more frequently and sunlight exposure and reactions to some drugs may also be potential lupus causes.

It also comes in four different types and although they are considered to be similar, they will have different forms of treatments.

The first form is systemic and it can affect any part of your body and in most cases when the disease is discussed, it is in this form.

The next form is Discoid lupus and this affects only your skin and it is this type where rashes will occur.

The third form is drug-induced and will occur as the result of a reaction to a prescribed medication and in most all cases it will disappear as soon as you quite taking the offending drug.

The final form is neonatal lupus and affects newborn babies, but this form is considered to be extremely rare.


There are several conventional treatments for this disease, and although they are considered to be effective, they all have some potentially serious side effects.

However, by treating lupus naturally, you can easily avoid these threats.

The first is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aleve, Advil, Motrin, or other like drugs.

They do help with inflammation but they can also causes stomach bleeding, kidney problems, as well as increasing the risk of heart problems.

Corticosteroids are also used to fight the inflammation but they can also cause severe weight gains, easy bruising, bone problems, diabetes, as well as high blood pressure.

In some cases, anti-malarial drugs are used even though there is absolutely no relation to this disease and malaria.

They are commonly used to prevent flare ups but also have side effects which include vision loss as well as muscle weakness.

With this in mind treating lupus naturally can also be very effective and have virtually no side effects and also fight the potential lupus causes head on.

The first of these are antioxidants and include Vitamins C and E.

Inflammation caused by this disease produces unstable molecules that are called free radicals and they damage the cells in your body by taking electrons form healthy molecules in your cells outer membranes.

These vitamins help to stop this process in one very effective way.

They stop these free radicals by offering them the electrons they produce and as a result, they do not take them from your cells and can eliminate this as one of the potential lupus causes.

Beta-carotene is also very effective in fighting inflammation and this is the yellow pigment that is found naturally in carrots, cantaloupes as well as other yellow fruits and vegetables.

There have been extensive studies done on these nutrients that have demonstrated time after time their ability to stop inflammation, making them one of the most important nutrients in treating lupus naturally.

If you do take prednisone, which is a one of the most common corticosteroid drugs used to fight this disease, you will also need to take Vitamin D as well as calcium to help prevent bone loss and brittle bones that this drug can cause.

The last thing you need is to fight one of the potential lupus causes only to have it trigger something else.

Calcium supplements will protect your bones and vitamin A helps to activate this mineral. However, there are two other natural treatments that are very effective against inflammation.

The first is fish oil supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids and are also very effective in controlling inflammation.

Unlike the conventional drugs used, the only real side effect with fish oil is an occasional belch.

Flax-seed is also very effective in treating lupus naturally as it contains a fatty acid referred to as alpha-linolenic acid which naturally slows and any type of inflammation, again addressing one of potential lupus causes.

Flax-seed is also considered to be very effective in improving kidney functions that have been affected by this disease.


Although this is no longer the sinister disease that it used to be, it is still quite challenging in trying to fight the potential lupus causes.

However, it can be controlled and if do use conventional treatments, treating lupus naturally can very easily control flare-ups.

If successful they may replace the conventional treatments in the long run and fight the lupus causes head on.

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