Treatment for Cellulitis

It must be treated immediately with antibiotics but after that there are several natural treatments

Is there a natural treatment for cellulitis that actually works, or is antibiotics the only effective way to treat this very dangerous skin condition?

The answer to this question is mixed for one very simple reason; you need both.

Once you have identified this infection, it should always be treated by your physician with antibiotics.

However after that there are several natural forms that can be used that will be just as effective in treating it, but more importantly, managing it.

If you do not properly manage it, it can very easily get away for you and rapidly develop into a life threatening situation.


In helping you to identify which natural treatment for cellulitis of the leg can help you the most, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is and why it can be so dangerous.

It also helps to know the symptoms and the causes as well as which natural treatments can help and why it is so important to add them.

Cellulitis is best described as a very common as well as potentially very dangerous skin infection that is caused by some type of bacterium.

When it first appears, it will surface as an area of red and swollen skin that will not only be very tender, it will also feel hot when you touch it.

However, it also has one other very dangerous characteristic; it can and often does spread very rapidly.

Although it is by far and away most likely to attack the skin on your lower legs, it can also attack you anywhere on your body.

In fact, this is one of the largest misconceptions about this infection in that for years it was thought to only attack your lower legs.

This very dangerous infection also not only attacks your skins surface in the majority of cases, it can also attack your inner or underlying tissues.

If you do not manage it properly, and once this occurs, it can very quickly get out of hand.

If it does make its way to your underlying tissues, it will very rapidly spread not only to your lymph nodes, it can also go directly into your blood stream, where it is now a life threatening situation.

It is for this reason you need to seek immediate medical attention when you spot it, as well as why you need to add a natural treatment for managing it.

This infection will enter into your body when one or more certain types of bacteria make their way through a break or some type of crack in your skin.

The most common types of bacteria are staphylococcus and streptococcus.

However, the first form is by far and away the most dangerous, and to make it even more sinister, it also seems to be increasing every year.

Although it is much more likely to affect only your lower legs, it can also affect any part of your body.

It's primary target is any type of a cut, a puncture wound, some type of ulceration, as well as dermatitis or athletes feet.

The main mode of transmission of either form of this bacterium is by an insect or spider bite.


CellulitisNatural treatments for cellulitis invloves two powerful Vitamins

In further identifying which natural treatment for cellulitis is best suited for you, it is also very important to understand the symptoms.

Although this list is quite small, once you have identified them and you think you may have this infection, time is of the essence because of the treat of it spreading to your underlying tissues.

The first of the symptoms will be a very sudden development of redness in your skin that is very quickly followed by swelling in or around this redness.

It will also be very tender when you touch it as well as quite painful, but these symptoms are very similar to several other infections such as a boil or carbuncles.

However, the next symptom is almost exclusive to cellulitis; heat.

As it is first developing it will feel warm when you touch the infected area, but it will only be a matter of time when it will feel almost hot when you touch it.

If it is warm at all, you need to treat it with a real sense of urgency, and if it begins to spread, it has now become an emergency and you need to see a professional within 24 hours as it could be that serious.

However, there are two other symptoms that may occur that will help you identify this infection; small red spots on top of the reddened skin as well as blisters that seem to be spreading.


The final criteria in finding the right natural treatment for cellulitis are the risk factors of developing this infection.

Recent burns to your skin, a scrape even if it is minor, as well as cut of any type are all risk factors, as well as a weakened immune system.

If you have diabetes, leukemia, HIV, or any type of a kidney or liver disease, you are also at a much higher degree of risk.

However, this list is not complete as certain skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, eczema, chickenpox or shingles, as well as lymphedema also place you in the high risk group.

Lymphedema is a chronic swelling that occurs in your arms or legs and weakens your tissues, leaving you wide open for this attack.

Intravenous drug usage also places you at a much higher degree of risk.


It bears repeating one more time that once you identify this infection you need to have your physician treat it as quickly as possible with antibiotics.

However once that is done; there are other methods of treatment for cellulitis.

The first form of a natural treatment for cellulitis is with two nutrients; Vitamin E as well as Vitamin C.

Once the antibiotic takes hold, you major objective is to now control it as well as the symptoms, and then to stop it from re-appearing.

These two nutrients are perhaps the most powerful anti-oxidants in controlling free radical damages which is exactly what will occur with this infection.

Free radicals, once they develop, have only one objective in mind; to steal the electrons from your healthy skin cells for themselves.

Not only are these two nutrients very powerful anti-inflammatory agents, they are also a very powerful one-two punch in fighting free radical damages.

They can defeat them very rapidly as they will offer themselves as the food source, which than allows the cells in your skin to begin to repair the damages done by this infection.

The next natural treatment for cellulitis is with the mineral zinc, both internally as well as externally.

Zinc topical ointments can very rapidly begin to repair the damages to your skin where this infection has attacked you, and internally in supplement form it will immediately boost your immune system and prepare it for any future attacks. 

Probiotic supplements are also very effective, as they contain several natural ingredients that will also immediately impact your immune system.

However, there is one other very important natural treatment for cellulitis; flavonoids.


Flavonoids are critical in the treatment for cellulitis as they are not only very powerful anti-oxidants in their own right, they will also help to insure the proper drainage of your lymph nodes.

This is critical in this battle as it can help to stop this infection from affecting these very delicate glands.

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