Vitamin B6 and Cancer

This connection is finally starting be recognized by the conventional medical community

Vitamin B6 and cancer, is there really any connection and can it actually help to prevent this terrifying disease?

Although the medical community as a whole still does not recognize this nutrient and its ability to fight cancer.

However there are several members that are starting to pay it a lot of attention especially when it is combined with methionine.

Methionine is sulfur containing essential amino acid that is also starting to gain a lot of attention.

However, to fully understand how these nutrients could possibly help with cancer, it is helpful to understand exactly what it is, as well as some of the symptoms.

All diseases can be helped if you catch them early enough, but identifying cancer as early as you can is crucial


In fully understanding vitamin B6 and cancer, it is helpful to understand exactly what it is, what it does to you, and how it actually starts.

It is well known throughout the world as the second leading cause of death, but the survival rate is dramatically improving as pre-screening as well as treatments are changing almost daily.

Cancer itself it described as one of many diseases that are characterized by the development of abnormal cells in your body that will start to divide so rapidly it is very hard to control them.

Once this occurs, they have the strength as well as the ability to infiltrate and begin to destroy your tissue in several parts of your body.

These mutations than affect the DNA in your cells, which basically instructs your cells how to grow and divide normally.

If this process is interrupted, it allows the cells to be infected with cancer, and as such, they are referred to as cancerous

This than becomes extremely dangerous for one very simple reason.

These gene mutations will than instruct you cells to do several abnormal things and this is where it is believed that vitamin B6 and cancer comes into play.

One of the first things these mutations can do is to instruct your cells to grow very rapidly.

It does this by creating what is referred to as an oncogene, which instructs the gene to not only grow very rapidly, but also to divide very rapidly.

Once this occurs, there are now cells that have this same mutation and they are also growing and dividing much more rapidly than normal.

The next thing this mutation does is to fail to stop any uncontrolled cell growth.

When your cells are healthy and nothing is affecting them, they contain tumor suppressor genes that can very easily identify rapid growth and stop it very quickly.

However, this mutation also interferes with this process and it can either make this communication very weak, it can stop it altogether.

But there is one other thing these mutations can cause; mistakes.

This interference can cause your DNA to begin to misstep, so to speak, in identifying and correcting any errors which compounds the problem even further.

There are also other mutations that can occur, but these are considered to be the most common.


Cancer and vitaminsVitamin B6 and cancer may be connected because of the huge impact it can have on your body

Understanding vitamin B6 and cancer also centers on what causes genes to mutate.

There are some instances where you are born with some form of a genetic mutation, but in most cases, they are caused by other factors.

These factors can include hormones in your body as well as some viral infections and chronic inflammation that may occur.

However, they can also be caused by ultraviolet light, radiation exposure, or cancer causing carcinogens.

It is widely held in the medical community that it takes more than just one cell to become mutated before cancer can actually develop.


Vitamin B6 and cancer and how it can help will also involve the symptoms of this disease.

If you are taking this nutrient prior to any symptoms, there is a very good chance the symptoms will be very mild.

However the sooner that you catch them the better your chances of fully utilizing both nutrients.

There are several symptoms that you can watch for, but the most common is a slowing developing fatigue that will affect everything that you do.

This may also be followed by a lump or a thickening that develops under your skin, as well as sudden weight changes.

However, there is some misconception about these weight changes in that you will always lose weight, but the reality is your weight could go either way.

Other symptoms include skin changes that affect the color of your skin, as well as sores that will not heal.

You may also experience changes in your bowel habits, as well as a persistent cough.

But the list does not end there with Vitamin B6 and cancer.

You may also experience a difficulty in swallowing, a sudden hoarseness when you try to talk, as well as unexplained muscle or joint pains.


Vitamin B6 and cancer begins with a basic understanding of what this nutrient does in your body.

This nutrient, also referred to as pyridoxine, like all other B vitamins, helps to convert food or carbohydrates into energy.

However, it also helps several functions in your nervous system as one of its most important roles is what it does with your neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that carry signals form one nerve to another, and they are essential for normal brain functions as well as development.

Although it is still not fully understood, there is a lot of attention being placed on this nutrient and these communication abilities in your nerve cells relating to the combination in your DNA, especially when combined with methionine.

This amino acid is a very strong antioxidant and it can very easily inactivate free radicals.

There have been several studies linking it to improving memory recall as it is also believed to active your cells communication abilities. 

Vitamins B6 and cancer has also had studies done that have demonstrated that high levels of both nutrients have reduced the risk of lung cancer in both smokers as well as non-smokers.

However, there have also been studies where both have also been linked with reducing the risk of colon cancer.

A study done by Paul Brennan, PhD, of the International Agency on Cancer, showed that high blood levels of vitamin B6 helped to maintain red blood cells.

They also helped to break down protein, improve cell communications, and as a result, lower the risk of lung cancer.

Methionine also assists this process as it is involved with the metabolism of this vitamin.


Vitamin B6 and cancer, when combined with methionine, may have the same results on transmission abilities with your DNA that it has with your neurotransmitters.

The amazing benefits of the nutrient are still being uncovered on a daily basis as vitamin knowledge is increasing every day.

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