Vitamins for Healthy Blood

Will not only help with cellular damage they can also help prevent oxidation

Are there actually vitamins for healthy blood that can help? 

The answer is a resounding yes as their powers as antioxidants will help to fight off the invasion of free radicals that attack your blood cells.

If they are not fought off properly in their attempt to steal your cells electrons and use them for their own food source, your blood supply and its over health will be at risk.

Vitamins for healthy blood can fight off this cellular damage naturally, helping to slow down the oxidation of cholesterol which can easily lead to high levels of LDL, which is your bad cholesterol.

However, that is by no means the only function they perform.

There can also help your heart pump properly as well as keep your blood flowing the way nature intended it to flow.


In selecting the correct vitamins for healthy blood, it is very helpful to understand exactly what it is, the plasma component, as well as how it transports and regulates nutrients.

Blood is best described as a fluid that has two major functions; delivering oxygen as well as nutrients to your body.

It is made primarily of a water-type mixture of several different chemicals, and the liquid portion of your blood is referred to as plasma.

It helps to connect all your bodies’ cells, and not only does it perform the major role of delivering oxygen and nutrients, it also helps to carry away waste products from your cells.

What most people do not realize, is that the cells in your body actually communicate with each other through blood.

Healthy bloodVitamins for healthy blood go far beyond just the B class

The reason for this is quite simple; the chemical messages in your cells are carried by these liquid forms.

Your plasma is best described as the complete opposite of a fresh water supply much like seawater, as it contains several different forms of salt.

However, it also contains hormones known as blood proteins. These blood proteins are the cellular carriers that communicate.

Vitamins for healthy blood are critical for these to function as whole blood is 45 % cells and 55% plasma.

However, it is also important to note that your blood cells do not actually transport the nutrients in your body, your plasma does.

Plasma is made primarily of water and the nutrients dissolve very easily into this water substance and need to be reinforced.


The first of the vitamins for healthy blood is B-12, a water soluble vitamin. It is essential in the formation of red blood cells as well as several metabolic functions.

It helps to breakdown both the protein as well as the fat in your diet, and it is essential for several neurological functions. 

It is an essential nutrient in building and maintaining you myelin, which is a fatty like substance that surrounds your nerve transmitters, which help to send the messages from your cells.

If it is not properly fed, it will not function properly.

Next on the list of vitamins for healthy blood is B-6, which assists B-12 in its transmitter functions.

It also helps with your red blood metabolism as well as your production of hemoglobin.

However, perhaps it most important function is controlling your blood sugar.

Next on the list is folate, a B-class vitamin that is also a huge player in the production of your red blood cells. It also helps to assist your cells division process which in turn helps them to communicate.

If you have a deficiency of this nutrient, it can also interfere with your bloods ability to clot properly.

Vitamin D and E are the next of the vitamins for healthy blood and D plays one major function in your blood supply; to maintain some key levels.

It is the one nutrient that can help to keep the balance of the calcium and phosphorus in your blood at the correct levels.

This is extremely important as this is a must for your blood to remain healthy.


Vitamin E also plays a major role with your blood supply; it helps to prevent varicose veins from forming.

However, that is not all it does as it also helps to keep your blood circulating properly as well as keeping your platelets in adherence to each other.

If your platelets, which are very small disk like cell fragments, do not adhere to with each other as well as your red cell walls, both obstruction and cellular damages can occur.

Next on the list are vitamins C and K and they both help in playing very distinctive roles.

Vitamin C is well known for helping to lower your blood pressure, as was referenced in a June 2009 article form the British Journal of Pharmacology.

In this study, it was revealed that high blood pressure or hypertension reduced your body’s nitric acid, and this nutrient is a perfect fit to correct this.

It can very easily restore this loss of nitric acid back to full operating strength which in turns strengthens your blood as well as regulating your blood pressure closer to normal levels.

Vitamin K is perhaps the strongest of all the vitamins for healthy blood as it performs one herculean task; blood clotting.

What it does is assists your capillaries from breaking down or rupturing, as it helps them to remain at full strength and allows the clotting process to occur naturally.


If small pools of blood do form under your skin because your capillaries are not at full strength, you will begin to see what is referred to as ‘spider veins” under your skin.

By supplementing with this nutrient, it helps to remove these small pools of blood from accumulating.

However, there is one more very powerful member of the vitamins for healthy blood club, even though it is a mineral; iron.

This nutrient is absolutely critical for your blood as most of the iron that is absorbed into your body helps with the production of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is a protein found in your red blood cells that has one major function; it transports oxygen throughout your blood.


These vitamins for healthy blood all have very strong roles individually, but when they are combined, they will give your blood the boost it needs to stay strong.

And the majority of them all have very strong anti oxidant qualities.

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