Vitamins for Hot Flashes

Can help you can control your estrogen and progesterone levels but the key is which ones

There is a lot of speculation about vitamins for hot flashes for several reasons, but perhaps the most important is there is still a lot of uncertainty about the actual causes.

However, there are several things that are known about this condition; if it is not treated it can very easily lead to memory problems, as well as anxiety and depression.

All of this can be triggered by what is referred to as night sweats that are in the vast majority of cases part of this condition.


In fully understanding the vitamins for hot flashes that can help, it is very helpful to understand exactly what they actually are as well as the symptoms.

It also helps to know the risk factors and what nutrients can help as well as why they help.

Hot flashes can have different effects on women, but in the majority of cases they are a very sudden feeling of warmth in several parts of your body all at the same time.

However, they appear to be much more common in three areas of your body; your face, neck, as well as your chest area.

It is also very common for your skin to begin to turn red almost like you are blushing with one major difference; there was no event that made you blush.

They are also extremely contradictory in nature as they will cause profuse sweating in most all cases, which is then followed by a chilling sensation that can literally make you shiver.

They will also be entirely different in regularity as in some cases you may only experience them a couple of times each week.

They can become so severe that they will attack you several times each day.

However, the potential causes of hot flashes are also accompanied by other symptoms that include red and blotchy skin in addition to the blushing and rapid heartbeats.

Other symptoms may include perspiration suddenly developing especially in the upper portions of your body.

In most cases, these episodes will only last a few minutes, but once you develop them, it is not uncommon for them to last as long as a year.

They are not considered to be dangerous unless they do develop into night sweats, disrupt your daily routine, or begin to make you feel extremely anxious and nervous.

If any of these symptoms begin to develop, it is time for you to seek professional help.


Hot flashesThere are women that are more prone than others

The understanding of the vitamins for hot flashes continues with what is referred to as risk factors.

This means that if you fall into one of these categories you are at a much higher degree of risk of developing this condition.

However, it is important to note that not all women that go through menopause experience hot flashes, and the reason for this is still not fully understood.

The first risk factor is smoking, which has several risks on its own, and this appears to be one of them.

A high BMI, also referred to as a high body mass is another risk factor, and if you are considered to be extremely overweight you fall into this category and this is where vitamins for hot flashes begin to emerge. 

If you are physically active, you have a much lower degree of risk than someone that that does no exercising at all.

This appears to be one of the potential causes of hot flashes trigger points, and because of this, even though you may not feel like it, exercise of some kind appears to be very important during menopause.

There is also one other potential risk factor; ethnicity.

It appears that one of the potential causes has a very strong link to ethnicity, especially if you are African-American.

However, Japanese and Chinese women seem to have the lowest risk factor, which is even lower than if you are from a European descent.

MenopauseThere are several key vitamins that can help with hot flashes


Although the exact causes of hot flashes are not fully understood, there are some very strong signs and symptom.

Because of the effects these episodes have on your body, all indicators point to one location in your body; your hypothalamus.

Your hypothalamus is best described as your body’s thermostat, as this is the area of your brain that regulates and controls several important functions including the temperature of your body.

It is this fact as well as your estrogen levels where vitamins for hot flashes really start to take hold.

It is believed that the estrogen that leaves your body during menopause interrupts this control, which in turn triggers the hot flashes you are experiencing.

However, it is also important to note that this has never been proven, and although it appears to be one of ithe major cause of hot flashes, not all women are affected.

This theory also runs into some difficulty as women as well as children that have any type of a medical emergency that lowers their levels of estrogen, do not experience these episodes.


Regardless of what the potential causes actually are, to you they are very real and can become very dangerous if you begin to experience them several times a day.

The most effective treatment for this condition is estrogen, but it has one major drawback; it can dramatically increase your chances of developing health problems as you age.

Progesterone is also used as a treatment, but it also can have long term implications.

Because of this, there are several nutrients that you can take instead that can attack these potential causes head on without any risks of complications.

The first of the vitamins for hot flashes is B5, also referred to as pantothenic acid.

This nutrient helps to regulate your adrenal glands, and because of the role it plays with these glands, it improves circulation as well as supports several nerve functions in your brain.

These nerve functions can help to keep your thermostat operating properly.

It is also very powerful in moderating and balancing both your natural estrogen and progesterone levels.

The next of the vitamins for hot flashes is vitamin C, and it is well known for controlling the damages caused by free radicals, especially when combined with Vitamin E.

Both are very strong anti-oxidants that can rapidly defeat free radicals, which are naturally occurring molecules that attack the cells of your healthy molecules.

They defeat them by offering themselves as a food supply for these free radicals, which protects your cells from inflammation associated with these episodes.

However, vitamin E goes one step further, as it also helps to regulate your electrolyte levels, hydrates your body, and is critical in your cellular metabolism.

This process is very important as it helps to relieve normal stress as well as stress associated with these episodes making it one of the most powerful vitamins for hot flashes. 

The mineral magnesium is also very important in controlling the potential causes, as it cools your body naturally when your hypothalamus allows it to overheat.

It also helps to control heart palpitations, which are other symptoms of hot flashes.

There are also herbs that can help including plant estrogen and black cohosh.

Plant estrogen has been used for centuries in Asia where soy is a regular part of the diet, and is not only found in soy products, it is also found red clover and several other plants.


Although the exact causes are not fully understood, there is mounting evidence that if you can modulate and control your natural estrogen and progesterone levels, you can easily beat this condition.

When these vitamins for hot flashes are combined with other natural agents, you may also be able to control your body temperature,

Once this done, you may be able to defeat these episodes without the risk of conventional drugs that can have serious long term side effects.

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