Vitamins for Men

In some cases the needs are the same as women but in larger quantities but there are also some very special needs

Are vitamins for men really necessary or are these nutrients just for women?

Although there is a lot of misconception about this question, the answer is really quite simple; yes, for several very definitive reasons.

In fact, what is surprising to most people is that both men and women need the same types of vitamin with one major difference; the quantity of them.

There will be several differences of course with the different hormones between men and women, as well as a difference in the nutrients needed with certain diseases or conditions.

However, for the most part, they are the same.  

The nutrients that men need will also be different because of the basic physical makeup compared to women that involve both body and muscle mass.

When exploring which of these nutrients may be the best for you or your male companion, it is helpful to understand first which nutrients men need more than women.


The lists of vitamins for men that are slightly more important then they are for women begin with two B vitamin, B3 and B6.

Vitamin B3, also referred to as Niacin, can be produced by your body by a compound referred to as tryptophan, but because it is a water soluble substance, it is very easily flushed from your body via your urine.

For this reason, men especially need to supplement it.

Although Niacin deficiency has been dramatically reduced, it is still very much alive and well and is referred to as pellagra.

This is believed to be the leading underlying cause of depression as well as dementia, and in some circles it is also believed to be the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Niacin is also believed to be very effective at helping with high cholesterol levels as it helps to increase your good cholesterol.

However, in order for this to occur, men must take higher levels then women making it the first of the vitamins for men needed in higher quantities.

But there is a word of caution, as very high levels can have some side effects.

B 6 is next on the list as it is involved in several enzyme reactions within your body.

One of its most critical functions is the role it plays in the creation of hemoglobin which is the key protein that carries oxygen to your blood.

As men begin to age, this nutrient becomes even more critical for several reasons.

The aging process in men puts even more stress on the creation of hemoglobin but it can also affect this nutrients role in the immune system and memory.

As men age their production of molecules that help protect the immune system such as interleukin-2, which helps build and protect immune cells, slows down.

However, if this form of vitamins for men is supplemented the immune levels can restore itself to almost full capacity.

It can also help to reduce the levels of homocysteine in your body which can affect both memory loss and cause dementia.


Nutrients for menVitamins for men must start with the B class

Next of the list of vitamins for men is B 12 which also helps to protect and build the immune system but is also critical for energy levels.

Most men are more physically active then women, and this nutrient is commonly referred to as the energy vitamin.

It is the most common vitamin that is given in shot form for several reasons.

Alcohol abuse can deplete this nutrient from your body very rapidly, and a deficiency of it for what ever the reason is always considered to be dangerous.

It is yet another water soluble nutrient that is easily flushed from your system and if it is not supplemented, several bad things can begin to happen to your body.

This can include tingling and a loss of certain muscle reflexes, memory loss, a loss of coordination, as well as becoming fatigued very easily.

It can also cause your homocysteine levels to rise, which in turns reduces your chances of a heart attack.

Low homocysteine levels can also very easily cause men’s red blood cells to stick to the walls of their blood vessels, slowing the flow of blood to the heart.


Next on the list of vitamins for men is Vitamin C.

This is considered to be the key nutrient that is used in the formation of collagen, which is the mainstay to the strength of all of the body’s connective tissues.

Again since men are overall more physically active than women, they will need more of this nutrient.

It is also extremely important as a natural antioxidant as well as a major player in assisting the mineral calcium and iron to absorb properly in the body.

If these nutrients are not properly absorbed, the body’s ability to heal itself is compromised.

However, if you are a smoker, you need even higher levels of this key nutrient as smoking impedes its ability to function properly.

More Critical Nutrients

Next of the list of vitamins for men are Omega 3 fatty acids for one simple reason; prostrate cancer.

It is estimated that one of every six men will develop some form of this very wicked disease, and while there is still no known cure, this nutrient can help in several key ways.

It is a very powerful and natural anti-inflammatory agent and when it is combined with vitamin C they can attack this wicked disease head on.

It also helps to naturally lower the triglycerides or fat levels in the body, which helps with both prostrate cancer and heart disease.

The list of essential vitamins for men is still not complete, however, and will include three other nutrients; Selenium, Lycopene, and Easter C.

The mineral selenium is critical to men, especially if you are trying to conceive.

It contains some very powerful antioxidants that help male sperm with mobility as it essentially gives it power to go where it is intended to go, the ova of a women.

However, its role does not end here as it also helps with the fertilization process and is believed to help prevent birth defects.


Ester C is also a key player with male sperm as it contains a very powerful antioxidant that helps protect it from the damages of free radicals.

Because of these strengths, it is also very helpful in building the immune system.

Lycopene is also a very powerful antioxidant that is found primarily in tomatoes, and is emerging very rapidly as a major supplement for prostrate cancer.

It is believed that this natural nutrient may actually be able to cause cancer cells to self destruct.

If you have not tried these key vitamins for men, maybe it time you tested them for yourself.

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