Vitamins for Skin Health

The key in selecting the correct nutrients is what exactly do each of them do

Are there any vitamins for skin health that actually work as advertised, or is this another vitamin myth?

The answer to this question is a very strong yes but the key is eating a well balanced diet and then supplementing the correct nutrients.

However, the most important part to this answer is the term “correct nutrients” as certain nutrients can help for certain conditions.


Not many people think as your skin as an organ, but the reality is that it is not only an organ it is actually the largest organ of your body.

Because of this, in selecting the correct vitamins for skin health will all depend on exactly what you are looking for.

Improving your skin can involve trying to make it look younger, maintaining the moisture and texture as you age, of trying to keep it from drying out.

It can also involve trying to protect it from several elements such as the sun which can easily lead to skin cancer.

The search you are on may also be to prevent certain rashes that are occurring, trying to stop eczema and similar conditions, or simply trying to fight and defeat acne once and for all. 

So in order to really determine which of the vitamins for skin health will help you the best, that is the first question to have to answer.


Skin healthVitamins for skin health go far beyond just A and E

In your search for the right vitamins for skin health it is also very important to be realistic in your expectations.

While all types of nutrients can and do play very important roles, they alone cannot reverse the aging process totally and eliminate wrinkles altogether.

However they can slow the process down.

They also can’t stop age spots from forming entirely, but you can begin to fade them to the point you can at least control them.

They can help build the collagen in your skin to full capacity which is critical, but they cannot prevent skin cancer if you over do it for long periods of time.

However, what they can do is to build your immune system to full capacity if you understand what they do and how they do it.

While several experts will suggest that the best nutrients for skin health will include the B class as well as C and A, they are correct, but they are by no means your only choice.


Vitamin A

The list of vitamins for skin health should always start with Vitamin A as it is critical in the development and continued growth of your skins cells.

This is very important, especially if you are looking to keep your skin young in overall appearance, as a deficiency of this nutrient can very easily dry out your skin which makes it age much faster.

However, it is also very important to note that Vitamin A is the first nutrient that is used to fight several difficult skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

It is also the first nutrient used in fighting any type of skin scaling that develops in both men and women.

Vitamins E and C

Next on the list of vitamins for skin health is vitamins E and C.

Both are strong antioxidants but when they are combined they make a very powerful one-two punch in fighting the damages from free-radicals.

Free-radicals have one objective in mind when they attack your skin, and that is to replace healthy cells with themselves and cause even more damage.

When you combine both of these nutrients they form a very strong compound like structure that not only binds to free radicals, they begin to remove them very quickly.

This is what makes them so effective in helping your skin in several ways including fighting acne.

However, vitamin E is also critical in maintaining the elasticity in your skin which can slow down the aging process and well as age spots and a women’s worst nightmare; wrinkles.

However, as strong as this nutrient is, it is vitamin C that helps to build up  perhaps the single biggest agent in your entire body let alone your skin; collagen.

Collagen is best described as a protein like substance that is essential for the formation of your body’s ligament and tendons, as well as your blood vessels and skin.

If your collagen levels are not at full strength, the other vitamins for skin health will not be able to perform their roles as effectively.  

The B Class

Next on the list of vitamins for skin health are two critical B vitamins, B 3 and B6.

B3 is best known as niacin, and its major function in your body is to convert your food into fuel to power the other nutrients.

B6, also known as pyriodoxine, is very powerful in fighting off severe skin irritations such as dermatitis.  

Vitamin K

The list of vitamins for skin health continues with vitamin K which is best known for preventing your blood from clotting. However, it is also a very powerful anti-aging nutrient especially in topical forms.

In this form it is used world wide for reducing age spots as well as increasing the overall clearness and clarity of your skin.

It is by far and away the most prevalent compound found in all women’s and men’s eye creams


Vitamins for skin health include one other nutrient, the mineral zinc.

Zinc is found in all skin ointments that help to fight inflammation and swelling and it is the major ingredient in most all acne and boils products as well.

Eating a healthy well rounded diet that includes a lot of berries and nuts can also help your skin health.

However a top branded liquid multivitamin should be a must in your battle for healthier skin as it will provide all of these nutrients in the recommend levels at one time.

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