Vitamins for Stress

If you suffer from stress and have never tried them you are in for a very pleasant surprise

Can taking vitamins for stress really control this beast that causes so much damage in your life?

If you suffer from any type of stress and have tried everything with no real success, maybe it is time that you tested them for yourself as you may be totally shocked at how effective they are.


To fully understand how vitamins can help you, it is very helpful to understand the two major types, your natural responses to it, and the symptoms.

It also helps to know the health risks and then what vitamins will help as well as exactly how they help.

Stress can be very difficult to define, but perhaps the best definition is your body’s reaction to the demands of everyday life.

The actual events that trigger stress are referred to as stressors, which are certain events as well as surroundings that set it off.

What makes this condition so very challenging is that it can and does affect people in different ways but they all has one thing in common; it comes in two different types.

The first type is referred to as acute stress which is the result of a new type of stressor, which is often referred to as fight-or-flight response.

This is a reaction that will happen immediately by your body to something that it perceives as a real challenge, some type of a scary event, or worse yet; some type of a threat.

Perhaps the best example of this type of stress is meeting someone important or intimidating for the first time, a new job interview, or final exams.

However it may be the complete opposite, as it may be something very exhilarating.

This form of stress rarely causes any type of long term damages unless it becomes acute to the point where anything new or different can trigger it.

Once this occurs it can begin to develop into physical problems such as chest pains.

However, the second form is not only much different, it is also much more dangerous; chronic stress.

While mild forms of acute stress can actually be beneficial to your body as it can motivate or energize you, if it starts to become a chronic condition, it can very quickly lead to several physical problems.

They can include an upset stomach, headaches, chest pains, as well as insomnia, but the list could virtually include all type of potential disorders and physical problems.


Stress vitaminsVitamins for stress will center around the B class

The next step in identifying the vitamins for stress that can help you the most is to understand your natural response to it.

If both your mind and body’s fight-or-flight reaction for some reason is constantly on, your hypothalamus will be constantly sending signals in your body.

Your hypothalamus is a very small area of your brain that sets off alarm signals when it senses danger, which in turn triggers a combination of nerve and hormonal signals.

This is where the connection with vitamins for stress begin to emerge.

When this combination is triggered, this particular system alerts your adrenal glands to release emergency hormones to your body including cortisol and adrenaline.

Adrenalines major role in this function is to increase your heart rate, elevate your blood pressure, as well as elevating your energy supply.

Cortisol, which is considered to be the major hormone in your body that controls stress, will automatically increase the sugar levels in your blood also referred to as glucose.

But it does one other thing in this process; it enhances your brains use of glucose.

This is done with one purpose in mind; to repair damaged tissues because of this extra supply.

However, in the vast majority of cases, there is no tissue damage and this is only the beginning of the problems as it also slows down nonessential processes as well.

Once this occurs, it can easily suppress your digestive system, your reproductive system, as well as normal growth, but it can also very easily affect your mood as well.

If everything is operating properly in your body and the stress levels drop, all of these systems quickly return back to normal.

However, if they do not and this series of steps keeps repeating itself, several bad things can begin to occur in your body.


At this stage, the connection between vitamins and stress really begin to emerge, as your heart rate, blood pressure, as well as several other less essential functions are becoming affected.

The reason for this can be explained ever better by understanding that the overexposure to both cortisol and adrenaline that your body is undergoing is preventing these systems from returning back to normal.

Because of these factors, there are several challenges your body faces such as headaches, muscle tensions, chest pains, fatigue, as well as an upset stomach.

However, this is just the beginning of the list as you can also begin to experience a change in your sex drive as well as a myriad of sleep problems.

This can than lead to anxiety, restlessness, irritability as well as anger, or the complete opposite, depression.

Once all these begin to attack you at once, your behavior is even more affected which causes eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, as well as social withdrawals.

If you suffer from either form of stress and you have tried everything and nothing has worked, maybe it is time you tried vitamins.

The list of vitamins for stress will all be centered on the B-class and begins with B-1, also known as Thiamine.

This nutrient is well known as the brain vitamin as it helps to control the conversion of glucose into energy.


With stress, your body is signaled to put out to much glucose and B-1 not only helps to replenish the supply, it also help to moderate it which is critical to you at this juncture.

B-3 or Niacin is next on the list of vitamins for stress as it is critical in supporting your nervous and digestive systems.

These systems are generally the first to become weak in this attack, and B-3 will help to keep them at full strength.

B-6 or Pyridoxine is next as it helps your body to manufacture neurotransmitters, which helps to control anxiety, depression, as well as stress. 

One of the neurotransmitters, serotonin, is absolutely critical in this process. B9 or folic acid is also very important as your body cannot manufacture it on its own.

Because of this, the only way you can keep the levels at full strength is to supplement it.

However, the real power player is B-12 as it is absolutely critical in the production of myelin, which is a fatty sheath that protects your nerve fibers.

If they are not at full strength, your electrical impulses will not flow properly throughout your body.


If your body is not replenished with B-12, it can very easily lead to memory loss, fatigue, confusion, as well as most all of the mood swings that will emerge with stress.

If you suffer from this very challenging condition, perhaps it is time you tried these vitamins for stress as you may shocked by the results.

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