Your Immune System and Nutrients

Both vitamins as well as minerals play a very important role

Your immune system and nutrients go hand in hand, as without them, it cannot function properly.

Your body is made up of several different systems, and although they are very important, this may be the most important of them all for one simple reason; it stops diseases.

There are several vitamins and minerals that are critical in feeding this system, and to fully understand how they can help, it is very helpful to understand how it actually works.


In fully understanding this critical system works, it is quite helpful to have some insight on this miraculous system and what it actually does to protect you on a daily basis.

Major Role

Its major role in your body is to basically set up an internal defense mechanism that allows the body to protect against the risk diseases of all types.

The first line in this defensive system is your skin as well as the lining of your internal cavities, especially those that are in your stomach and your lungs.

When any type of an illness or disease attacks your body, this is usually where it starts, and this amazing system acts like a barrier to guard against any type of invading substance or foreign cells.

If it properly fed, it is extremely effective.

When any type of a foreign body actually penetrates this first line of defense, your body immediately counters these attacks by activating this very powerful system.

Once activated, both cells and proteins in your blood as well as the lymph, which is part of your intestinal fluid, attack and tries to disarm this invasion.

If it is successful, it will destroy and remove these invading foreign bodies very rapidly.

This system contains very specialized white blood cells, referred to as B-cell lymphocytes that are able to identify these invaders or antigens and very rapidly produce antibodies and proteins to fight back.

However, there is something else that is quite remarkable about this system; it memorizes exactly what this invasion is made up of.

By doing so, if they try to attack again, it reacts even faster as it now knows exactly what this invader is and what it is made up as.

But there is one very important factor in this process; it must be fed with the proper nutrients in order for it to function at full capacity.


Immune systemYour immune system needs to be fed by several key nutrients

The energy that is created from both carbohydrates and fats is what fuels these cells.

Vitamins and minerals make this fuel happen.

Your immune system and nutrients starts with vitamins and the most crucial of this group is vitamin A.

This vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin, and as such, some of it is stored in your body but in most cases, it is not enough to bolster your immune system.

For this reason, you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables or you can supplement it with a liquid multi-vitamin.

The term vitamin A is a genetic name that is given to this nutrient as it is actually a group of naturally occurring molecules.

These are referred to as retinoids which are extremely effective at building and maintaining this system.

If your body does not have enough of this nutrient, it is wide open to attacks from several types of infectious disease.

These diseases can ran the gamut from measles to the HIV virus and a lack of it can also cause several different types of vision problems as well as make you more vulnerable to cancer.

A deficiency of this nutrient can also very easily lead to night blindness, dry eyes, as well as loss of appetite and smell.

Your immune system and nutrients next vital clog is beta-carotene, a member of the carotenes.

These are highly pigmented fat soluble compounds that are found naturally in fruits, grains, as well as several vegetables.

Three Major Types

The three major types, alpha, beta, and gamma are considered to be pro-vitamins for one very important reason; they are converted to active vitamin A.

This group of nutrients has several anti-oxidant qualities, and combines with vitamin A to help with the synthesis of glycoproteins, which in turn, boosts your immune system.

A deficiency of this nutrient can affect your bones, reproductive system, as well as your eyes.

Next of the list for your immune system and nutrients is vitamin B6, which is considered as important to this system as oxygen and water are as it helps with fat and protein metabolism.

Both of these functions are critical in maintaining the energy to this system.

It also helps to protect your brain cells and allows them to communicate with each other, and if this does not happen, the signals for this system to react to invasions will be very slow or non-existent.


Vitamin C is next on this list of immune system and nutrients and it considered critical in stimulating your white blood cells as well as its properties as an antioxidant.

Antioxidants are critical in protecting your body against the damages done by free radicals that have one objective in mind; to steal the energy from your cells.

They do this by stealing the electrons in the molecules of your cells and they use them as their fuel source.

However, antioxidants stop this process as they supply free radicals with food directly from them, and once this has been completed, it protects your cells from damage.

Vitamin E is also critical in fighting free radical damages as it does exactly the same thing.

Vitamin E goes one step further in that it also helps to prevent oxidative damages which can very quickly weaken your immune system.

But the benefits and connections between your immune system and nutrients does not end there.

It also helps to lower the levels of a substance called prostaglandin which can dramatically reduce your number of white blood cells and slows down this system.

Vitamin D is also very helpful as it helps your thymus gland generate immune system cells.


Your immune system and nutrients continues with the mineral iron, which is stored in your liver, spleen, and bone marrow.

Because of this it is one of the first nutrients called upon to produce hemoglobin in your blood.

This mineral is also critical in menstruating women who can suffer a loss of the nutrient very rapidly, which in turn, will immediately weaken the immune system.

It is also very important as iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies worldwide.

The mineral zinc helps your immune system by assisting your lymphocytes in the production of cells.


Your immune system and nutrients go hand in hand as it must be fed properly in order for it to preform what is was designed to do.

If it is fully powered by the correct food, it is an absolutely amazing process that helps protect you on a daily basis.

Source to Help Your Immune System

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